The Spirit of the Spirit, Tales of the Cocktail 2012 Part 4

by  Phil Bayly on Thu Aug 9, 2012

    pastarchives The Spirit of the Spirit is a seminar at Tales of the Cocktail 2012 led by Derek Brown with Ron Cooper, Tim Masters, Eric Seed, Danny Ronen, Martin C. Duffy and the Reverend Bill Daley discussing the connection between Spirituality and Spirits.

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    Phil Bayly

    Phil Bayly

    Phil Bayly has been involved in the growth of the Tequila Industry in Europe and Australia since 1980.

    Based in Sydney, Australia and owner of Café Pacifico Sydney, he has been recognized with various awards for his work with tequila including the first 'Distinctivo T' in the southern hemisphere in 2006.

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